How It Works

LoudBrand is a creative agency that provides economy priced websites for artists and musicians. We are not a template company, rather, we provide low cost website packages for upcoming & established artists backed by our experiences working with leading acts in the music industry. LoudBrand consists of a team of designers and musicians who have come together to make awesome looking websites for talent with fixed budgets.

At LoudBrand, we understand the struggles musicians face as well as the demanding costs that are involved in achieving your presence on the web. We have created a system using WordPress that allows you to get a fully branded website with user content management at a cost that allows you to afford the gas to get to your next gig.

Here at LoudBrand, we dont just sell you a template. We will fully design, host, and build your website. This way, instead of having to worry about which of your band members took an HTML class in high school, you can get back to writing music. We stripped out of all of the junk that most template companies try to offer and simply provide you with the necessary tools you need to drive fans to your site.

Amplify your fans and turn up the brand!

Choose a layout

Fill out the form

Upload your assets

We build your website

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